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Redheads Unite

I partner with Amanda Blackwood through her Redheads Unite program to fight human trafficking. To join the Redheads Unite movement or to find more information read below or head over to her page.

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Redheads Unite is an organization dedicated to displaying the talents of redheads and raising awareness about the dangers of human trafficking. Did you know Redheads are worth more money on the modern slave market? It's true! We're rare, just like a Spanish doubloon.  That makes us collectible to some of the bad guys of the world.

But I also want to help put an end to the merciless childhood bullying for Gingers everywhere.  I grew up being bullied, and while that's not the case for quite everyone, it's a common story I've heard time and again through the multitude of social media pages I moderate, specifically designed for redheads from all over the world.  


Life as a redhead is beautiful!

They just need to have someone show them. I'll do all I can to be that someone.
I'm delighted to have you join us.
Thank you so much for reaching out, and I look forward to networking with you soon!

Amanda Blackwood
Redheads Unite! 





If you

are interested in volunteering as a redhead model (professional models are accepted but we really want the average(?) redhead, or as a photographer; let us know by contacting us through this webpage, the Redheads Unite page, or at

Please feel free to ask any questions you might have using the contact form above.  If you have more questions about human trafficking or about my own survival story,

Please visit my personal website at:

Or my public Facebook page at:

If you or someone you know

is being trafficked call



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